The Crafty Ewe

From Fibre Arts to Fine Arts

8A Water St, Fenelon Falls , ON         (705) 887-1515 


Learn To Knit!

The Crafty Ewe is pay as you go!!   

Tuesdays and Saturdays 


$5.00 ​plus HST

We all have such busy schedules nowadays - join us on Tuesdays and/or Saturdays from 10am-12pm for our drop in / pay as you go workshops...pretty much whatever you want to learn about knitting, we can help!  

Can't make it every week? - that the great thing about pay as you commitment! 

Come one Saturday, skip a few and pick up where you left off...

Works great if you are stuck on a current project and just need some help, or a complete beginner starting from scratch.

Want to learn a particular skill?  We can help you pick a project and get you going.  
From crochet to cables, felting to frogging...We are here to support you in your stitching endeavours!