The "What's Your Canada" Blanket Kit - $94.95

Made with 11 skeins of Estelle Worsted

We live in such a diverse country - with so much to see from coast to coast.  This blanket represents my Canada - colours of Canada’s landscapes from West to East and everything in between.

The blanket is knit with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn to make a nice, thick blanket to keep you warm on those cold, winter nights.

You can choose your own colours, as everyone experiences our wonderful country in different ways - these were my choices and here are my thoughts...

Q61204- Steel (represents Rocky Mountains and deep ocean waters)

Q61228- Scuba (represents glacial lakes and blue skies)

Q61217 Golden Rod (represents sunshine)

Q61214 Golden Nugget (wheat/prairies)

Q61202 Ecru(snow/glaciers)

Q61203  Silver (snow/stone)

Q61283  Forest Green Heather (boreal forest)

Q61226  French Navy (Great Lakes/St. Laurence, blueberries)

Q61210  Pumpkin (Fall leaves/ Colourful houses-maritimes)

Q61280  Dove (river rocks and fog)

Q61206  Merlot (PEI soil, lighthouses)

BUT...what's YOUR Canada?  A super easy, but stunning pattern - great for a gift or a gift for yourself to cosy up on one of our long, winter nights!!

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